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Careers Planner is a specialist online careers package for young people aged 16-19

Careers Planner brings together in one place all of the online careers resources your students will need. With its easy-to-use interface, Careers Planner connects students to information about their career options, university routes, apprenticeships, school leaver programmes, the job market, gap years and internships.

Why Careers Planner?

Inspires Students
Digital careers library and search tool with access to more than three thousand career tools and applications, it’s accessible anytime, anywhere
Provides Data
Career reports for individual students, tutor groups and year groups
Empowers Teachers and Tutors
Teaching resources including a programme of twenty five lesson plans


Supports Leaders
Independent, impartial and comprehensive across the full range of options.
Helps Managers
Intuitive management suite to monitor and track students
Involves Parents
Dedicated section for parents with access to more than three hundred resources

Consultations and trial accounts

We prefer to meet with schools to demonstrate Careers Planner and discuss how it might benefit the students in your organisation.

If you would like one of us to visit your organisation to discuss Careers Planner and demonstrate how it might help you to take forward your agenda, contact us at support@careersforschools.co.uk or give us a call on 01995 861104.

If desired, a free trial can also be issued after the consultation.

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Webinars and Workshops

We offer a range of webinars and workshops for all Careers for Schools packages.
If you want to find out more information about whether Careers Planner is right for your school, or whether you need any help to get started, please contact us.
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