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A comprehensive and detailed guide to the application process.  Your students can access up-to-date information and guidance to help them complete the application process, prepare their personal statements, sit admissions tests and attend interviews.


There are also tips about what students need to do if their results do not match their offers.  

This section breaks down the UCAS process into straightforward steps and helps your students understand what to do and when to do it.    


It covers all of the key processes and helps students to get started.


This offers incredibly detailed guidance to help students gather together the information they need about themselves and condense this into the format required to complete the UCAS personal statement. 


The resources offer practical advice to help students understand what makes a successful personal statement.  They outline strengths and weaknesses, what admissions tutors are looking for and pitfalls to be avoided.  


There is personal statement library and this includes example statements for different subjects. 


An essential introduction to tracking applications, waiting for offers, managing offers, choosing insurance choices and using UCAS Extra.     


A suite of video guides provides students with the essential information they need to track their applications and understand what to do when they receive their offers.  


These resources provide students with the essential information they need to understand the format and structure of the tests.  


They include specimen papers for different subjects.


This section is invaluable for sixth form students as they prepare for university interviews.   


It includes an extensive library of subject specific interview questions.  


In the example below students are able to access more than 30 questions


Results day can be both a potentially stressful and potentially joyous experience.   It is important students understand what to expect and prepare accordingly.  


The resources provide invaluable advice about how to approach this important day.


Our library of resources provides students with advice about how to approach both the Clearing and Adjustment processes.  


They include video introductions and checklists explaining how to get to grips with Clearing and Adjustment. 


An invaluable guide for any student preparing to apply for dentistry, medical school or veterinary courses.


There an overview to help students get started, advice to help them prepare their personal statement, guidance regarding their applications and information about the tests.  


They can also use the resources to analyse what the interviewer is looking for and offer ideas in response.