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This is a comprehensive guide to choosing post16 subjects. 

There is an extensive range of  resources in this section to help students make the right choices.  Students in Years 10 and 11 are able to research how their post-16 subject choices relate to applications for university and different career routes.

Students can use the interactive applications and search facilities to find out how their post 16 subjects relate to different degree courses and career opportunities.

There is a Subject Directory.   This covers 27 post-16 subjects and is an invaluable resource for students researching their post-16 choices.  

The Directory enables students to:

  • check whether they have chosen the most  appropriate  post 16 subjects
  • identify the requirements for specific degree courses
  • find out about the different progression routes into professions and jobs
  • explore the range of job opportunities within an area related to their post-16 subjects
  • find out what different jobs involve
  • understand what employers are looking for
  • research company profiles
  • understand what they can do with a degree

In the example above students can research careers involving chemistry, entry requirements for degree courses, the degree courses associated with this subject, career opportunities and what they can do with a chemistry degree.