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A straightforward guide to all aspects of university life, this is designed to answer practical questions and help students decide whether university is right for them.   

Students can access a wide range of interactive resources and secondary links to help them find out what university is like and understand the skills they will need when they go to university.


This section introduces students to studying, having fun and avoiding money troubles.


It covers everything from surviving fresher’ week to coping with exams and looking after yourself. The interactive game below highlights the personal, academic and life skills a student will need to succeed at university.  


This practical guide to choosing accommodation is essential. It provides students with information about their options and choices.   


There is also a lot of advice about what to do if things go wrong.


Moving out for the first time can be exciting and fun, however it takes a lot of organisation.  The essential guide is full of useful checklists and reminders, from finances to emotional support.  


It covers all of the key areas including knowing what to take, safety, crime, setting up a bank account and fresher’s week.